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General Hospital SPOILERS – September 26 – 30, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Alexis takes out a restraining order against Julian.
Paul tells Susan he killed all the people who hurt her!
Maxie realizes Claudette has been lying all along.
Heather tells Franco to leave her nest egg alone!
Nina stands her ground at work with Julian.
Paul confesses to Tracy.. sort of…
An unhappy Anna grills Paul about the trial.
Julian serves Alexis with divorce papers.
Maxie decides a paternity test is in order.
Alexis tries to cope by hitting the bottle.
Nathan and Maxie’s love gets stronger during tough times.
Nelle sees Sonny and Michael share a father and son moment.
It’s Curtis vs Andre… at the gym!
Tracy is thrown off by what she overhears.
Carly and Ava realize they have a mutual understanding.
Things take an unpleasant turn for Morgan.
Laura meets someone en route back to Port Charles.
Griffin is stunned by what Claudette has to say.
Hayden and Elizabeth are just not getting along.
Kiki owns up to her past mistakes.