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General Hospital SPOILERS – September 28 – Oct 2, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Sam and “Jake” renew their vows…
After Sloane spills Anna’s secret, Paul kills him!
Sonny has a brain embolism just before exchanging vows with Carly.
With things falling apart, Valerie is there for Dante.
Anna is in for a shocker!
Franco is remorseful he wasn’t there for Kiki.
Carly has an idea and talks Sonny into going along with it.
Ava steps into her new mob role with ease!
Worried about Dante, Lulu leans on Dillon.
Laura is back and not thrilled Liz has kept Jake’s identity a secret.
Anna faces off with Julian.. about Duke!
Nathan has more words with Valerie about Dante.
Tracy notices that Michael is more Corinthos than Quartermaine now.
Sonny needs Ric to make sure Avery stays put!
Maxie reminds Nathan he has nothing to worry about.
All the recent drama finally catches up with Kiki!
Nikolas has his doubts about Hayden.
Nathan is worried about Maxie’s new gig with Dillon.
Michael isn’t kidding when he gives Ava a warning to stay away!
It’s time for Nina to move forward and start her new life.
Anna approaches Sam with a new business idea.
Paul is interested in what he can find on Anna.
Carly is worried about Michael and Morgan… and the mob!

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