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General Hospital Spoilers – September 29 – Oct 3, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Franco continues his plan for Carly with a gift.

Tracy makes an attempt to see Fluke.

Ava explains to Kiki exactly why she needed Morgan’s help!

Alexis talks to Julian to find out who his boss is.. and they get passionate.

Rosalie pays Michael a visit to apologize and gets caught in something unexpected.

Michael isn’t safe and Shawn rushes in to help.

Franco and Nina get closer, and he confides in her about his plans for Carly.

Carly and Sonny bond as parents, while he continues to talk about them as a couple.

Patrick and Sam decide to go looking for Luke.

Julian tells Ava to be careful, and stay out of sight.

Anna asks Jordan about Shawn – would she testify against him?.

Kiki isn’t sure she can keep even more secrets from Michael, but Morgan is insistent.

Silas wants to know more about Sam and Patrick… is anything going on?

Elizabeth watches over her mystery patient.

Danny walks into the mystery patient’s room!

Patrick decides to tell Sabrina his theory behind the accident.

Nathan has a bold idea.

Maxie continues to second guess herself and asks Morgan for advice.

Franco makes his own decision about trusting Carly.

Sonny wants to protect Michael.

Sam and Patrick re-evaluate their relationship.

Elizabeth gets news about her patient.

Updated October 3rd.

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