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General Hospital SPOILERS – September 5 – 9, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Nathan makes a very important decision about the truth…
Thanks to Ava, Morgan’s behavior is cause for concern.
Jason makes a point of voicing his disapproval of Franco and Liz.
Valerie has a real problem with Curtis!
Morgan is floored by what Sonny has to say.
Sabrina isn’t sure what the future holds.
Franco knows the truth, but is majorly conflicted.
Elizabeth is in for another shocking experience!
There’s new evidence that points in a certain direction.
Naomi is there to support Hayden.
Nina wants Franco to come clean about Hayden and Liz.
Dillon makes a decision to move forward…
Carly uses her powers of persuasion on Nelle.
Griffin wants to tell Maxie how sorry he is…
Ava sees the results of her scheming.
Robert has shocking news for Dante and Lulu!