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General Hospital SPOILERS – September 7 – 11, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Sonny is shot, but Jake arrives in time to save him!
Bobbie takes an unwell Valerie home from the wedding.
Michael and Sabrina coo over Avery.
A blood-soaked Jake arrives at the wedding!
After hearing her decision, Sloane reminds Anna about their secret.
Morgan bonds with Carly, and hears her out.
Something triggers an unexpected flashback for Jake!
Julian continues to deny any mob involvement.
Sam grills Jake about the unexpected memories.
Maxie has shocking news for Carly.
Olivia gives the lowdown on what she saw at the docks.
Anna has her doubts about Sloane.
Paul comes to terms with his future and makes a choice.
Hayden continues to grill Nikolas about things she remembers.
Sloane reminds Nikolas about a promise he made.
Jordan can’t bear what might happen to TJ, living with Sonny.
Ava receives a visit from Julian, the two share their grief.
Ric kicks up a major fuss.
Sloane brings up that shared secret to Anna.
Bobbie starts to think there’s something up with Valerie.
Morgan decides to listen to what Carly has to say.
Carly is faced with an emergency situation.
Elizabeth starts to panic, worried about consequences!

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