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General Hospital Spoilers – September 8-12, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Sam and Patrick talk about moving things in a different direction, and he really wants to tell her the truth.

Dante and Lulu receive a visit from Stavros!

Carly is having trouble resisting Sonny and those dimples!

Obrecht has information that Anna desperately needs right now, but Liesl is obsessed with Faison.

Spencer shares his belief that Luke was responsible for the car accident.

Nathan makes a confession to Maxie…

TJ grills Shawn about who he has been spending time with.

Jordan questions Ava for information about their boss.

Julian wants Alexis, but she asks former fiance Ned out on a date!

Sabrina is focused on revenge right now.

Sam and Patrick check out Luke’s involvement in the accident.

Nina continues to pressure Rosalie, who meets up with Morgan, Kiki and Michael.

Rosalie stumbles upon some valuable information.

Dante and Lulu have a tough decision to make together.

Victor questions Nathan’s paternity and receives life-altering news from Obrecht.

Danger lies ahead for Lulu.

Maxie crosses paths with a mysterious stranger, which worries Mac and Felicia.

A patient tries to escape.

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Updated September 10th.

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