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GH August 28

General Hospital on Thursday 8/28 – Nina & Silas, Lucas & Brad, Nik & Liz and who is Peter Harrell?

Nathan and Dante both remember time spent with Maxie and Lulu, and Dante promises his son he will bring her home. He drops the baby off with Liz, who gives him words of encouragement – he will find Lulu. Meanwhile, Nik and Britt visit Nathan at the station, they find out about Scribner and Anna assures Nik they have a promising lead. Britt tells Nik she has to go home and get back to the hospital, but offers to check in later. He thanks her for everything.

A passionate 48 hours
Brad and Lucas wake up together, happy they found their way back to each other… for 48 hours! Brad has completely forgotten about Britt.. but thinks he might have done her a favor with Nikolas. Maybe they’re as happy as the two of them right now.. when Britt walks in on them in bed! She asks where Felix is.. and they explain they only wanted each other. They are surprised to hear about the kidnapping, and Lucas rushes off to be with his family.. telling Brad he will call him later. Britt is super happy for him, and he is sorry it didn’t work with Nik.. she tells him it was going well until “Debbie Downer” called.

A determined Sabrina
Felix hugs Sabrina when he sees her in the hospital, he tells her he is working a double shift, Sabrina wonders why he isn’t doing something fun? He tells her about the threesome, but that it never happened! He also tells her about Milo’s crush on Epiphany, she thinks it’s amazing – it was the chat with Milo that made him realize he wants more than a fling. Sabrina fills him in on what she knows about the accident, and swears on her little boys’ soul that she will find out the truth. She tells him that Sam is on the case, but is looking into it as well – Felix is worried for her, and warns her to be careful.

Nina wants a baby, and wants to hate Silas
Nina and Silas wake up together, one of them has a dream about her stabbing him! She says she used to watch his chest while he slept, made her feel safe and happy. She asks if it was good for him?? He says it was amazing, and thanks her for giving him the push he needed (it was 13 out of 10!). Passion is reignited.. and he can’t believe how far she has come in her recovery. She says he gave her the motivation, and wants to know if they made a baby! He understand she wants a baby, but they need to be realistic – she may not be able to get pregnant or carry it to term, and he doesn’t want her to be disappointed. She continues to remember their past together, and asks that he not make her go to physical therapy. She wants to stay in bed with him, but his shift starts in twenty minutes and goes to shower. Nina wants to hate him, but that was incredible..

Just who is Peter Harrell?
Anna explains the history of Peter Harrell – he was Felicia’s former fiance, engaged in 1984 when the Aztec jewellery was first stolen, her theory is they are father and son. They may have teamed up together, but they don’t know where Harrell Sr is now . He fell into a waterfall after being shot, but was wrongly presumed dead.. he later re-surfaced to try to lure Felicia into a trap, but fled to Brazil when it failed. There is no record of him since.. Felicia wasn’t aware he had any kids, and the WSB isn’t co-operating. It’s strange she can’t get more info..

Girls put pressure on Levi!
Levi/Peter Harrell brings the girl’s breakfast (and a new haircut – he’s lost the “hippy dippy yoga mantra”..!) – he says Scribner was dead weight after he served his purpose, he had no idea what this was all about. He tells them it was never about the money – the operation was personal – Maxie is way more than a hostage to him and Lulu is also a part of this. Maxie continues to taunt him, and he says they have it all wrong – he throws his phone at Maxie, yelling at her to stop talking.. “you’re as bad as that simpering mother if yours”. He says Felicia is a lying, cheating bitch!! She is untrustworthy – makes promises until Frisco comes along, then nothing and no one else matters. He’s very bitter about Felicia, and leaves when the girls put presssure on him. They notice his phone on the floor!

Nikolas and Liz – a future?
Nikolas drops by to see Elizabeth to see how Dante is doing.. he says it is nice of her to babysit, and wishes she could do more to help him. And reminds him that Britt has been there for him – she has been stuck to his side, which makes sense given how close they are to getting back together! Liz tells him she knows they were about to have sex when Liz called him about Lulu. Nik is honestly puzzled why Britt would do that, she points out they both have feelings for him, and it has become a competition… like the Bachelor! He admits they WERE on the verge of sleeping together when she called, but didn’t plan it. Liz says they don’t need to be discussing this right now, she assumed Nikolas made his choice, but he quickly says he told Britt he still has feelings for Liz.

Sabrina goes to visit someone in jail.

Nina introduces herself to Britt… she is her next patient! Wants to know if she is pregnant.

Felix tells Brad he is happy for him and Lucas.

Maxie reaches for the phone with her foot and tosses it to Lulu.

Dante receives a call from Lulu!This Week Spoilers
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