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GH 08/14/2014

General Hospital Thursday August 14 – Mac gets shot, hot for Sonny, Milo and Felix!

Agent Scrivner tells Dante to put down the gown while threatening LuluNathan and Dante put their guns down, and Levi gleefully tells Maxie that Scrivner is his accomplice! Everything was fake, and Levi has a speedboat to catch, to get away from this godforsaken town. Nathan is angry, but Maxi tells Nathan to let them go as they won’t get far, sooner or later they will be arrested.. but Levi informs her that she and Lulu are coming with them! Felicia says they should just take the jewels, Lucy offers herself in exchange for the girls, but they won’t relent. Dante tells them to leave the girls, they don’t need hostages.. and promises NOT to come after them. Maxie tearfully tells Nathan he was right, Nathan says it’s not her fault, they won’t get away with it, when Mac steps in and a shot rings out.. he takes a bullet in the shoulder! Chaos ensues, Mac says he will be alright, and they drag the girls away… Nathan tells Maxie he will find her.


Carly keeps daydreaming about Sonny’s kiss when Olivia arrives at her front door – not to fight, but to apologize! Liv says it wasn’t right for her to ask Carly to throw Sonny from the hotel, and she is sorry, and Carly quickly accepts her apology. The two start chatting about Sonny and Liv informs her that it’s over between them –  they are never getting back together, and she’s out! They have buried the hatchet .. but Liv then starts to question Carly about Sonny. Carly insists her feelings for Sonny haven’t changed, he is still her EX, and she is committed to Franco, but Liv accuses her of being hot for Sonny again! And reminds her how bad Franco has been.. would she even have anything to do with him if Jason was still alive? Carly tells her to take her insight and advice and “get the hell out of my house”.


Milo meets up with Sonny for a drink, he’s not doing well since he quit working for him – his fitness business hasn’t panned out, and he has to work two jobs to make ends meet. Sonny mentions he has a friend who can help him out – Sonny! He offers him his old job as there is “always something bad going on”, but Milo isn’t ready to give up on his dream, he still wants to spread the fitness word. His love life is just as bad – he wants someone he can’t have and when Sonny questions him, says it’s not Lulu, but is worried his father might disown him. Sonny offers him  advice – don’t let anyone come between him and what makes him happy!
Britt joins Elizabeth and Nikolas for their lunch, and totally dominates the date, when Liz accidentally spills her white milkshake all over her Britt’s black dress! Liz feigns innocence, but Nik totally sees through it – he knows she did it on purpose. She tells him they have a lot to talk about, wants him to ditch Britt so he can hear what she has to say in private.  Obrecht interrupts Liz with a call, telling her to come back to work! Orders her back in half an hour, while Britt is smug she has Nik back to herself. She tells him Brad is having company and needs the apartment to himself – so she needs to figure out where she can spend the night. He gallantly offers her a place at Windemere.. “why don’t you come home with me”.


Obrecht introduces herself to Nina as her Aunt Liesl – Nathan’s biological mother. Nina comes out swinging, confronts her about stealing embryos, kidnapping a baby and shooting a nurse. Obrecht tells her the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as she recognizes Nina is deceitful just like her mother Magda. When Obrecht fakes concern for her physical therapy, Franco saves her, wheeling her away himself. He tells Obrecht there are other patients who need her brand of TLC. Nina thanks him, and the two head into the elevator. Nina calls him heroic, when the elevator comes to a crashing halt! They are stuck, but Liesl answers the elevator emergency button, with some bad news. Franco calls Carly to give her the news that she is stuck in the elevator with Nina – her romantic plans are ruined for the evening, when the doorbell rings. It’s Sonny with a pizza!
Lucas invites BOTH Brad and Felix over, to watch Three’s Company – Felix is game for it,  Brad agree as well. “It’s a date”. The boys can’t seem to figure out  a location for the event, when Brad tells them to meet at his place in half an hour. Felix wants to know if it’s safe, Brad scoots away to call Britt (his roommate) and Lucas chuckles… just missing the elevator carrying Franco and Nina.  Brad preps the pillows, fixes his shirt and welcomes Lucas at the door.


Felix is waiting for the hospital elevator when Milo comes rushing out.. the two come face to face! Just who is Milo looking for at GH – has he had an “epiphany“..??This Week Spoilers
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