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General Hospital on Tuesday 8/19 – Michael fires Tracy, Sonny & Carly in bed, Franco comes home!

Tracy, you’re fired!
Alice wakes up after surgery, surrounded by loving Quartermaines. When Tracy finds herself alone with Alice, she closes the door and says they have matters to discuss. She has a new heart which means she is NOT going to tell anyone about Luke and Tracy taking over ELQ. Alice reminds her that Tracy did NOT find her the heart. Michael walks in just when Tracy asks Alice if she is going to rat her out. and it doesn’t take long for Alice to flat out tell him Tracy and Luke have been plotting to take ELQ back!! Michael believes Alice and fires Tracy who argues she will file a wrongful termination suit. He tells her to leave, will never give her the beneft of the doubt again, but Tracy says she is FAR from finished!


Happy Birthday, Ava
Kiki visits Ava to wish her Happy Birthday, reminded by the Quartermaine situation that you only get one family. Kiki isn’t angry anymore, just confused about Ava’s choices.. who tells her you do everything you can to protect your own. The two have a heart to heart about Michael, and Kiki tells her she is now roommates with Morgan – Ava is surprised to hear Nina has moved in with Silas, and finds out that Sam and Silas broke up. Kiki insists Nina is over Ava, which makes Ava laugh out loud – as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She warns Kiki about Nina, and the two share a nice mother/daughter moment while Ava looks concerned.


A scheming Rosalie
Silas is grilled by Nurse Rosalie – he reprimands her about her attitude, and says if she makes one more comment, he will fire her. When she runs into Morgan at the hospital, he notices she is upset, asks why she doesn’t quit? She reminds herself that “in the end, I am the one who will have the last laugh”. She deflects his question and asks about Alice – he shares the news about her transplant, and she asks about the situation with Sonny and Ava. Then he asks about HER father.. she doesn’t want to talk about it, but invites him for a drink instead. They arrange a rain check..


Nina tells Silas a “secret”
About to part ways after their night in the elevator, Nina holds Franco back before he heads to see Carly. She wants to know if he will keep his mouth shut that her wheelchair is just for show, she doesn’t want Silas to know. She reminds him she knows HIS secrets… Silas overhears Franco say her secret is safe with him. He gets to the point, asking what’s the secret you’re keeping from me? She plays dumb but finally admits she has been lying to him – says she has been skipping her physical therapy sessions, taking Franco’s art therapy instead. She tells him she’s been having a hard time cope – reminding him that her life was perfect, she was having his baby.. and when she woke up she finds out his mistress had a baby. She reminisces about the how she was going to tell him she was pregnant. Silas wants to know what he can do, but she just wants to turn the clock back, and isn’t strong – it would drive a lessor woman mad. He realizes he has overlooked her emotional well-being and recommends the GH psych department. She tells him the art therapy is working for her.. helps her open up and deal with the pain. He says she can continue the art therapy, but has to continue the physical therapy. When he leaves to get the car to take her home, she tells Rosalie that bitch Ava Jerome is pregnant again.


A new friendship
Liv and Ned run into each other at the hospital, he shares the good news about Alice and she wants to tell him she told Sonny the truth about them (there is no them!). He is off the hook, but he isn’t sure that’s what HE wants. She isn’t ready to start dating, but Ned says “who said anything about dating?” He likes spending time with her and they agree to do things together – starting with a movie tomorrow night!


Sonny and Carly… and Franco?
Sonny leads Carly to the bedroom, and reaches out his hand. The two kiss passionately, and end up in bed together. A photo of Franco and Carly falls off the night stand, broken. After their lovemaking, just when Sonny wants to talk, Cary sees the broken photo – “what have I done?”. She gets out of bed, upset that she has been a “liar and a cheater”. He continues to flirt with her while she is freaking out – he doesn’t feel bad and enjoyed every second of it. They kiss again and Franco walks through the front door.. “honey, I’m home”. She panics and wants him to hide, but Sonny refuses to budge… “it ain’t happenin”. Franco notices the wine glasses, when Carly comes rushing out the bedroom – he stops her and says he knows what happened between her and Sonny, but it’s only the kiss that Nina witnessed. She is stunned he knows and angry that Nina was spying on her. While Sonny listens from the bedroom door, he hears her tell Franco after the kiss she pushed him away, told him he crossed the line, and nothing was going to happen between them. Franco wants to know why she didn’t tell him.. and he asks who the wine glass belongs to??This Week Spoilers
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