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GH August 12 2014

General Hospital Tuesday August 12 – Maxie’s wedding, Jason wakes up & Samtrick!

Maxie and Lulu talk about Nathan’s romantic feeling for her – Lulu asks if his big reveal makes any difference? Maxie tells Lulu she doesn’t have feelings for him, but Lulu reminds her how well she knows her. Maxie accidentally blurts out “I don’t have feelings for Levi”… oops! Lulu calls her out on the Freudian slip. but Maxie continues to insist Levi is the one for her. She talks about her eat, pray love trip – how Levi helped her forgive herself and showed her how to change. She is adamant that Lulu either support her or tell her so she can find another Maid of Honor!


Mac arrives at the Haunted Star, and Felicia and Dante tell him that Nathan is there, but to see Levi. Felicia mentions he was asking about her necklace, they discuss Levi’s interest in her Aztec jewels.. errr, heritage. Lucy makes a rushed late arrival, ready to officiate, and Dante goes to “collect” Levi. An immigration agent arrives to make sure the nuptials are on the up and up! Or there will be an arrest if he gets one whiff otherwise. He wants to be a witness to their love.


Pointing his gun at Nathan, a tuxedoed Levi tells him to hand over the necklace. Levi says it’s too bad he didn’t figure things out earlier.. admits he wasn’t quite the infatuated yoga bum Maxie thought, and still plans to go through with the wedding! Nathan lunges at him and the two fall to the floor, fighting.


Levi returns with Nathan nowhere in sight, and Dante wants to know what happened to him (we see him tied up and unconscious on the state room floor!). He tells Mac and Dante that Nathan was out of sorts, not making sense, asking about the jewelry.. and that the purpose of his visit was to give Levi a hard time as he doesn’t want them to get married. Then he supposedly left. However, an astute Lucy notices blood on his collar, while Dante looks on in suspicion!


Lulu and Dante share a moment, and Felicia and Mac give their support to Mac, while Mac warns him to never hurt Maxie! They are minutes away from becoming family, while Levi tries to speed up the wedding.


Maxie looks at her ring and knocks on Levi’s door to talk.. flashing back to her moments with Nathan! She doesn’t know Nathan is bound on the floor, just walking up.. and assumes Levi is already waiting for her. Maxie starts her walk down the aisle, while Nathan struggles to get out the ropes… Felicia tosses the petals, Mac kisses the bride, hands her to Levi and Lucy starts the ceremony! She asked the all-important question – to speak now or forever hold your peace


But Dante can’t take his eyes off the blood drop and remembers what Levi said about Nathan taking off. Dante decides to investigate further, knocks on the state room door.. and hears a muffled Nathan telling him to get in here!


Patrick hopes his request of Sam isn’t too much (to find out who killed his son). The two share a heart to heart discussion about finding the person who has hurt BOTH of their families. She reminisces about her relationship with Silas, and how important it was, but is happy to have Patrick to lean on. They share how difficult it has been to move after losing their loved ones, especially for Sam the way Jason died. She never had closure – in a strange way, she feels like he is out there somewhere. Patrick puts his arm around Sam to comfort him, and she hugs him back (cue the “awwwww” moment!). Sam thanks him for indulging her about Jason, especially considering Robin’s loyalty and the special bond they shared. Patrick says he doesn’t see Jason when he looks at her, he sees his “adventure buddy”, and mentions that his marriage is officially over, they have both made their decision. Patrick gets up to leave and they share a nice moment at the door.

Victor injects Jason with the serum! He wants answers immediately… and informs Robin it’s on her is Jason dies. Just when it seems he is about to be revived, Jason’s vitals start to fail.. and Jason is dead. Robin desperately applies the heart paddles, and just when Victor is about to turn off the egg, Jason’s had reaches out and grabs him. Oh my god, says Robin.. his brain activity may indicate he is waking up! Robin tells him he is going to get better and she will take him home to Sam and his son. Victor has other ideas – he is having her removed, thanking her for her service! He figures he has enough information to save Stavros and Helena without her. Jason is his prized “pig” and it’s time for her to make an exit, without him. Victor never had any intention of letting her take Jason home.. “when are you ever going to learn”.. “never trust a Cassadine”. Victor tells the egg his new life awaits.. while Jason’s hands grasps the side of the egg!This Week Spoilers
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