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General Hospital on Tuesday August 26 – Ava changes her mind, Sonny rejects Julian, Scribner down & Scotty shocks Franco!

Scotty’s indecision
Lucy visits the PCPD wanting to see Anna, and runs into Scotty – she asks if there is a breakthrough finding Maxie and Lulu, and worries about Serena. He comforts her and almost hugs her, but she won’t let that happen until he makes a decision between her and Bobbie. She says he is a coward and asks him to choose her, he yells that he has a case to contend with, Once again, she asks what does he want? She says there is no time at the present. His phone rings, interrupting them..

Back at the cabin
Dante and Nathan discover blood on the floor of the cabin, and find the girls’ dresses.. with no blood. Agent Scribner bursts into the room, and collapses on the floor.. he has been shot! Dante wakes him up and asks “where the hell is my wife”.. he tells them Levi shot him. Nathan puts pressure on the wound, and Scribner tells them Levi took the girls – before saying where, he passes out! They wait for the ambulance, but continue to look through the cabin for leads, and will stay there until they find some clues.

Romantic date
Carly flashes back to her passion with Sonny, and invites Franco on a surprise date – she says she owes him, and should have told him the truth about Sonny kissing her. Franco kisses her, says it’s all in the open now and hands her the flowers from David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson!

Looking for Luke
Olivia thanks Ned for his help, Tracy comes upon the two of them at the Floating Rib. She rants about him throwing her out – Ned tells her to shut up, Lulu has been kidnapped and shares the details with her. Liv tells Ned she needs to go see Sonny, and leaves the Tracy with Ned, who suggests she calls Luke. Tracy is worried, she will only be okay when Lulu is okay.. he offers to use ELQ resources to track down Luke for her. Carly walks in with Franco and asks what happened to Lulu? She is shocked to hear that Coleman was the intermediary, and says she needs to talk to Sonny as Lulu is his daughter-in-law. Franco says they can reschedule their date, and leave the Floating Rib.

Tracy leaves another message for Luke, and says he is just unreachable.. Ned suggests he has more important things on his mind than his own daughter’s safety?

Julian’s offer rejected
Sonny asks Julian what he wants.. and Julian says he want to do him a favour. He offers a truce, that the organizations steer clear of each other. Sonny asks where this is coming from, and Julian replies he wants to avoid his loved ones being caught in the hostilities. Sonny reminds him they have different codes, and it’s HIS territory – him and his sister will be bad memories.

When Olivia calls Sonny, he says he knows about the kidnapping, Olivia tells him they found the cabin and Dante and Nathan hope to bring them back tonight. He suggest they meet at the police station, Sonny reminds him they have no reason to hurt Lulu.

No mousse for you!
Michael is just about to eat the mocha mousse, but Ava stops him – she expresses her gratitude for putting the past behind them, she isn’t perfect but everything she does is to protect her family.. and Kiki, her sweet girl. Michael agrees that her safety is important to him too, how he lost it when Luke came on to her. Ava demands to know EXACTLY what happened with Luke.. Kiki tells her Luke pushed his way into her apartment, and scolded her for interfering with his relationship with Tracy. He was a total perv, putting his hand on her knee and grabbing her ass. Ava is FURIOUS, they could have handled it together – but Michael says he thinks they neutralized Luke, and picks up the mousse. Ava knocks it out of his hand.. “don’t eat that!”.. bitch-slapping the dessert out of his hand. Ava says it’s not over until she makes that bastard pay!

A new plan for Ava
Ava won’t let it go, and Julian arrives home.. she asks if they can call it a night. They thank her for dinner, and leave. She tells Julian she granted him clemency.. while Michael tells Kiki says they have something in common now. She asks Julian if he was aware that he could have attacked or raped Kiki? She suspects it’s no coincidence he is asking her to kill Michael.. she is about to get him online “to put him on notice”, but Julian stops her, asking her to think about it. She shouldn’t piss him off, but should hand their employer something else to distract him. She needs to get him the recording that implicates Sonny in AJ’s murder.. that should get her off the hook for not killing Michael.

Julian asks if Franco will help her get Carly’s copy? She says he won’t lift a finger to help her as long as he believes Carly is committed to him.

Carly arrives at the station with Franco, looking for information from Scott… he plays the “dad” card, and he tells them about finding Scribner. Paramedics are bringing him in now..

Lucy tells Scotty he is on the clock now or he may lose both of them. When Franco thanks him for his help while he has his hands full with the women, he jokes that he wouldn’t want Lucy to find out about “that nightcap the other night” with Bobbie.. Scotty says “what nightcap?”. Franco turns to watch Carly talk to Sonny and Olivia.

Dante finds an old newspaper clipping about Frisco and the Aztec jewels.. and Frisco’s face is circled!This Week Spoilers
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