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General Hospital on 10/26/2015 – Diane is back, Michael proposes, Lulu and Dante make baby plans & more!

Diane arrives at the PCPD to help Spinelli, he’s facing federal charges for breaching the hospital computer, and is taken Away for processing. She demands to know what he was looking for and Sam explains it’s for Jake Doe, who has become a good friend to her. Diane stops her and notices her engagement ring! She asks Sam if it’s a good idea to marry Patrick – it sounds too sensible, nothing like her relationship with Jason. Sam tells her she has to move in with her life, but Diane points out that Jake takes her back to the adventure-loving person she used to be.

Spinelli is returned to Diane, she wonders why he was taking such a risk? He says it’s imperative they find out who Jake doe really is.

Little Jake’s daddy
At the house, little Jake is convinced Jake is his real daddy, no matter what he says. Liz tries to explain he will be his daddy once they get married, but little Jake points out that’s not what she told grandma. Jake returns and tell him he loves him, no matter what and Liz takes him upstairs. She returns and explains to Jake that Little Jake might just be confused, and asks him to leave so she can talk to him one on one. He kisses her and makes a quick call to Sam, asking for an update. She asks him to meet her at the pier in 10 minutes and leaves Diane at the station.

Liz talks to Jake about what he heard, he asks her if Jake knows he’s his father? Liz says it doesn’t matter as he will be his father in every way after they get married.

On the pier, Jake apologizes to Sam about his reaction earlier, and still needs her help. He can’t let go of his past, Little Jake now insists he is his father, even calling him daddy. He wonders if he could be the worst thing that even happened to them?? Sam tells him she doesn’t get a bad vibe from him, his instincts are to protect people, but he wants to know they will be safe around him. Sam tells him they kept on digging, but Spinelli is now in custody. She’s confident he will find out the truth about him! He says he’s prepared to walk away from Liz if the truth is as bad as he thinks it might be.

Dante and Lulu’s baby plans
At the hospital, Lulu and Dante make plans for a second baby, and they are both ready to expand their family. Dante admits nothing is more important than his family. They sit down with the doctor who explains the process and cautions them not every embryo will be successful – the odds are only 16% chance of success. The doctor leaves them to chat, lulu is tearful and Dante suggests maybe they should to go through it all. She insists she’s ready for it, despite Dante’s concerns – he doesn’t want her blaming herself if it doesn’t work. Lulu says they have to try it, she wants a chance to bring a baby into the world together.

Big News
In Sonny’s hospital room, Michael and Sabrina announce they’re pregnant! Carly and Sonny are surprised, Michael mentions he could use some wisdom from Sonny on being a dad. Sonny gives him a speech on his fatherhood changed him. Michael wants to start making plans now, but Carly tells him they have plenty of time.. and Sonny asks to speak to Michael alone. He tells Michael he has to marry Sabrina!

Carly tells Sabrina not to rush, when Michael returns and asks Carly why she hasn’t said too much? She hugs him and says she hopes his child,brings him as much happiness as he brought her. She returns to Sonny and finds out he told Michael to marry Sabrina – hell no, replies Carly! She doesn’t think Michael loves her, but Sonny tells her she needs her to stay silent. She doesn’t think they love each other, they were just consoling each other, and that’s not a basis for a marriage! she doesn’t think they have passion.. and he needs to have lots of that in his life. She doesn’t think Sabrina really knows him – and won’t let him marry her!

Back at the house, Sabrina is impressed with Michael’s reaction and support, but he explains they need to do everything they can to make sure he/she has the very best life. He holds her hand and tells her he wants they to be a family.

Michael asks Sabrina to marry him – she smiles and says the hinder would be hers, but she can’t marry him.

Sonny tells Carly everything will be fine, nothing she says will sway Michael – she lies down with him in the bed and they reminisce about his childhood, his stubbornness and determination. He smiles and tells her she’s going to be a grandmother!

Lulu and Dante agree to go through with the procedure, they will handle it together. She will get the Halloween fundraiser out if the way, then start on the baby the day after it’s over.

The commissioner releases Spinelli with a warning, he hugs Diane and she warns him – no more illegal hacking. He happily says yes, after he finds out who Jake Doe really is.

Liz strokes Little Jake’s head, and tells him they are going to be happy – all that matters now is the future.

Jake tells Sam he doesn’t want to out Liz and her kids in any danger, Sam assures him they will find the truth, but he is a good man with a conscience. She tells him to have faith – by the time he marries Liz he will know who he really is.

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