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Genie Francis returning to General Hospital – welcome back Laura!

It was a much heralded reunion for Anthony Geary and Genie Francis at the Daytime Emmys, but the news got even better as General Hospital’s Executive Producer Frank Valentini has announced she is returning to the place where it all began.

That’s right, Laura Spencer is coming back to Port Charles!

Luke is currently in recovery after remembering the deep dark secret that was long buried, and brought out his dark half. And as far as we know, Laura is still living in France, after divorcing Scotty – honestly, I never bought into THAT marriage, brief though it was.

There is no set date for her return, nor do we know the details of what will bring her back to Port Charles, but let’s not forget Tracy Quartermaine, who has stuck by Luke’s side through thick and thin. Now there’s an interesting twist right off the bat!

As for her kids… well, Nikolas has been embracing more of his Cassadine half lately, maybe it’s time for his mother’s kind touch.. and it will be nice for Lulu to have her mom there for support…

This is SO exciting.. and Genie herself has already been tweeting the news!


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