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GH February Sweeps: Elizabeth & Ric – the Jake effect [SPOILER]

It didn’t take long for Elizabeth to visit Jake in prison after he was arrested – for helping Faison escape, holding Sam at gunpoint, breaking into her home and planting the bomb on the Haunted Star (busy guy). And she arrived demanding answers! She found his “Helena mind-controlled me” excuse to be very plausible, as she went through something similar herself, when the Cassadine matriarch controlled her beloved Lucky.

She figures the only way Jake can be released is if they get Helena to admit it, and to that end, Elizabeth is quite sure she knows someone who has some influence.. that would be Nikolas, of course! Unsuspecting, he is about to face BOTH Lulu and Liz… I hope he’s ready.

Also, with Jake facing charges, Liz will ask her new-but-old boyfriend Ric to defend him – he may have been in the witness protection program, but that doesn’t mean he has lost his sharp legal skills! However, this request may just cost Ric his relationship with Elizabeth, as Jake accidentally tells Liz something she definitely did not know about him.

And while Ric may have returned from the dead, there is still a bond between Jake and Elizabeth that needs to be sorted out!

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