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General Hospital on 1/27/2015 – A condemned house, an escape plan & a furious Fluke!

At Pentonville, Ava is dragged away by a guard… she has a visitor, it’s Silas. He just wanted to see how she was doing, and brought her baby Avery! She coos over the baby and hears how well Kiki has been looking after her, then starts to cry happy tears. She tells him Sonny tried to have her killed last night, even thought Julian has another theory.. Silas insists she report it, she tells him she has a plan, and to forget all about her. She whispers she is breaking out… but pretends it was a joke when the guard approaches. But if she did, she would have to go on the run, and never come home, contact her family or see her children. He think her daughters would be happy to know she’s alive, and maybe they could be reunited one day. He tells her to do what she needs to do to stay alive.

Sonny & Julian catch up
Sonny tells Julian the coffin was empty – all signs point to Eckert, but he isn’t certain. He needs more answers, Julian agrees, and flat out asks if he tried to have Ava killed last night? He tells Sonny about the guard, he denies having anything to do with it and suggests she needs protection. He has more important things to think about with Eckert, but that doesn’t mean Ava is OFF his list. She will still pay, but the latest attempt wasn’t on him. Julian thinks it was Bill Eckert. Ava didn’t comply with the order to eliminate one of their enemies (he leaves out it was Michael!), and Julian tells Sonny he needs her alive as she is their ticket out of Pentonville. She has an escape plan, and carrying it out tonight.. using the prison van. Sonny agree to put his hatred of Ava aside to ensure Michael’s safety.

Helena & Fluke catch up
At the cemetery, Fluke is FURIOUS to see the grave dug up, and suspects Dante. He yells Falconeri, “you are FINISHED” when Helena arrives. He’s pretty sure Dante is headed for the basement, but Helena has seen to the matter herself! He thanks her for the temporary fix, and agrees it’s better than nothing. He needs to focus on tonight’s party.. even simple tasks have been a disaster, too many people have escaped with their lives. He’s not impressed with Helena’s “Soldier Boy”, and would slit his throat. His recent performance has been abysmal, he didn’t even kill Sam or Patrick. Helena plans to figure out why, while Fluke is gleeful to be taking out so many of Spencer’s friends in one blast. Helena admits she has work to do and leaves.

Johnny & Lulu’s party planning
At the Haunted Star, Lulu is short with Johnny and he tries to find out what’s going on between her and Dante. She tells him Dante isn’t the only one annoyed! She has no plans to stop working with him, but wants him to be more sensitive to Dante, to cut the tension. Johnny makes it clear they are in the past, so Dante is seeing things that aren’t there.. right? They talk about the clinic, Johnny is surprised they would open it in such a dodgy neighbourhood, and hears that Luke doesn’t want his childhood home torn down. They agree it doesn’t make sense, but Lulu says he came home a changed man – Johnny mutters maybe more than she realizes? Lulu wants to know what that means, but he dodges an answer. She’s happy to have her real dad home.

A house condemned!
At the Elm Street House, Michael approaches Dante and asks what he’s doing there? He doesn’t want to tell him what he suspects Luke is being held there, and pretends he was just following up on Shawn’s restraining order. Michael lets him in, and Dante asks about the basement. Michael doesn’t have a key, and hands Dante a crowbar… when Agent Sloane arrives, telling him to step away from the door. Mayor Lomax has officially condemned the house! He tells Michael he doesn’t even own the house, so they didn’t have to tell him… it will be shuttered now, since there were complaints. He asks Michael for his key, and escorts them out. Dante walks away while Michael calls Alexis…

Carly wants to help
While waiting for Kevin with Jake, Carly leaves a message for Micheal, offering to help with the clinic – she won’t give up. She reminds Jake they are there to help him work through his memories, but he can’t believe he lost a whole night. She shows him a cell phone she found in his duffel bag, but he claims it’s not his.. has never seen it before. Carly wants to look at the text or call log.. what do they have to lose..? She turns it on… no text, voice mails or contacts. Just missed calls from “Unknown”. He vaguely remembers a voice asking “is it done yet?” but can’t identify who he was talking to. He thinks he should leave town, he’s too afraid to know the answers, but Carly says he isn’t the type to run. They will figure it out together, and she leaves to look for Dr. Collins. Just then, he receives an incoming call.. Helena tells him he is active!

Ava talks to Avery on the phone, apologizes for not being able to hold her, she can’t be with her, and has to say goodbye. She loves her and will be back for her one day. Silas quietly wishes her luck as the guard takes her away.

Sonny agrees to work with Ava – nothing is going to stop him from protecting his family.

Johnny is about to tell Lulu something, when Michael interrupts! He wants to check on preparations for the party, and hopefully Luke and Bobbie are looking forward to it. He shares the news that the house has been condemned, no one is allowed inside.

Dante smashes the glass at the Elm Street house, lets himself in and goes straight for the basement. Fluke arrives, and asks what he is doing..?!

Carly returns to Kevin’s office, but Jake is missing.. he is at the cemetery to see Helena.This Week Spoilers
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