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What happened on General Hospital on 1/6/2015 – recap

Anna is shocked when Agent Sloane arrives at her office to tell her there is evidence clearing Johnny! He accuses her of forcing Officer Padilla into coercing a false confession out of him, has re-opened the case and Johnny is being released right now. Another strike against the Commissioner.

In Pentonville, Johnny smugly shares the news of his pending release with Sonny, telling him his plans to take over his territory and the Jeromes. He also might go after Carly, Lulu or Olivia. He predicts Carly will be moving on pretty quickly. The guard calls for Johnny while Sonny is held back by his thugs. A smug Johnny leaves.

A peeved Alexis accuses Olivia of sleeping with Julian to get back at her for Ned. Liv wonders why she gives a damn, but quickly figures out she still cares for Julian. She accuses Alexis of using Ned to get back at Julian, and disgusted, she walks away.

At the Metro Court, still lingering in bed, Ric talks to Elizabeth about his past choices, and how this year will be different. He is curious about Jake, but Liz says they only would have kissed because of the mistletoe and denies any feelings for him. But she looks uncertain.

Carly arrives at Jake’s room at the Metro Court, insisting he have breakfast – he doesn’t want charity, but she says he would be doing her a favour, with all the leftovers! She joins him for some food and they chat about Sonny and Elizabeth, but Jake dismisses his own feelings. They leave the room, only to run into Ric and Elizabeth, which is awkward.. but they wish each other a Happy New Year anyway.

Fluke orders Carlos to take out Julian, for not killing Jordan.. plus he plans to replace him with Johnny. Carlos argues, and agrees.. but just isn’t sure.

Lucas pays Julian a visit, and is worried when his father tells him he is back in the mob. He doesn’t approve, but doesn’t want to lose out on the relationship. Just after he leaves, Carlos appears with a gun!

Fluke heads down the basement to taunt Luke..

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