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What happened on General Hospital on 1/7/2015 – recap

Carlos tells Julian the boss says he’s got to go, or he’s next – “I’m sorry”. They argue about how the boss keeps changing his demands and Julian asks him when he became a yes man. He decides not to kill Julian, and has an idea to save them both.

Bobbie visits Michael at his office to talk about Carly – he still considers her his “Grandma”, but doesn’t believe Carly was just trying to protect him. He tells her he is turning the house she and Luke grew up in into a clinic, she gives him her blessing even though it’s owned by Bill Eckert. She tells Michael he passed away 20 years ago and strangely, Luke recently had a reaction to hearing his name.

Fluke visits Luke in the basement, and taunts him about where he’s keeping him.. Luke figures out it’s his childhood home! He figures out Fluke is Bill Eckert when he brings up his older sister Patricia, who he hasn’t seen for forty years, and his parents. Shocked, Bill is supposed to be dead as disco… how did he survive? Fluke puts the tape back on and leaves.

At the PCPD, Anna tells Dante that Johnny was released this morning – he is surprised and angry, but worries about the effect he might have on Lulu.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy is looking for Luke when Ned arrives – they decide not to fight and Tracy wonders who he spent New Year’s Eve with. Alexis or Olivia? He is with Alexis, but shares the news about Liv and Julian. He also tells her about Luke and Bobbie’s argument over Bill Eckert.

Lulu is surprised to see Johnny at the Metro Court, he tells her about his conviction being overturned, and they share a hug Meanwhile, Olivia confesses to Carly about her night with Julian and admits it was a ploy to make Ned jealous. Carly thinks Alexis is hypocrite. They see Johnny and Lulu and he tells Liv he’s sorry about what happened to Connie and that he didn’t get her help – Liv hugs him and Carly asks about Sonny’s beating in jail. Johnny figures he has enemies, then talks Lulu into staying for a drink. They start to talk about old times when Dante arrives!

Julian arrives in Anna’s office to confess to the murder of Anthony Zacchara!

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