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GH September 8

General Hospital on 9/8/2014 – Chained up in Chrichton Clark, Victor orders a DNA test, Spencer names Luke!

Anna is looking for her missing detectives when Obrecht barges in.. Anna doesn’t have time for her, but Liesl accuses her of taking her son away! Anna tells her Nathan asked to go on the case, but Obrecht continues to accuse her of wanting him dead and reminds her she killed Cesar. Anna refuses to answer any of her questions about Faison and reminds her that Nathan is missing! She calls Liesl a criminal and sociopath and “get the hell out of my office”. Obrecht says it isn’t over.

Dante reassures Lulu
Dante and Lulu are chained up in a room in Crichton Clark, he figures out they are in a medical facility. He reminds her that Anna will have every cop in the city looking for them, but she worries about Rocco. Dante comforts her that everything will be fine, they will all get out of this. They try to figure out what the connection is to Lulu – maybe Levi wants to hurt her to take revenge on Luke. They wonder where Luke is, and she thinks he isn’t capable of cheating on Tracy, he is a different man.  Dante flashes back to Anna telling him Jordan recognized Luke’s voice as Julian’s boss. Lulu defends Luke’s disappearance, but Dante tells her he thinks there is more to it.

Nik and Britt discuss Liesl and Nathan
Nikolas and Britt wait for information at the station and talk about Obrecht  and Nathan and her accusations about Anna and Victor.. when he asks what Victor has to do with anything, she tells him she thinks Victor is Nathan’s father. Obrecht has classified information on Faison that she got from Victor and was flustered when Britt tried to talk about it. Nik says it could be possible, and tries to figure out who is related to who! Obrecht comes storming out saying the police are corrupt and she will find someone who can help.

Nathan and Maxie together!
Nathan is led blindfolded down a hall and hears Maxie cry out for help – he fights the guards to get to her, while Victor watches him struggle. He takes the blindfold off and wipes blood off Nathan’s face.. then throws him into a room with Maxie! The guard punches him one more time after he chains him to the wall. The two face each other, and he grins at her – asking if he is sight for sore eyes? She says she is glad to see him, and says they have to get out of there – he recognizes the facility as Chrichton Clark, but they aren’t sure what connection it has to Levi/Peter. He tells Maxie the guy in charge is Victor Cassadine.

Spencer knows
Emma wants to know what Spencer was going to say about Rafe and accident, he tells her that someone told him but no one can know. He is worried that the person who took away her baby brother could do the same thing to her. He wants her to let it go..

Patrick tells Sam he didn’t think the Chrichton Clark card was important, which is why he didn’t tell her about it. She doesn’t know “what the hell” Rafe would be doing with it, Patrick says there may actually be something to it.. she wants to know what he has been holding back. Sam reminds him he can trust her, but Patrick says it isn’t simple at all. Just when he is about to tell her more, Emma drags a protesting Spencer over to them. Sam steps in to talk to him, and reminds him he is with the good guys.. they always stick together, and tell the truth.

Victor wants a DNA test
Victor stares at the blood-stained cloth and flashes back to his conversation with Nathan when he receives a call from Liesl! He says he was just thinking of her, it is SO nice to hear her voice.. and he suggests they start fresh. She tells him she needs his help, she is trying to locate someone.. the police detective Nathan West. He asks why she doesn’t use the police, she replies they can’t be trusted like him. He agrees to help if she tells him if this Nathan West is his son!! Liesl says Victor’s question is nonsensical, but he gets angry – he already knows Nathan is her son, and he won’t help her. He doesn’t need her to get the answers, and if he finds out she kept HIS son from him, there will be a reckoning!! He will be touch after the DNA test – when she asks how, he replies it’s one of the perks of being the head of the WSB.

Anna tries to reach Frisco via Robert over the phone, to find out more about Peter Harrell and his son. She tells Nik and Britt that no one will stop searching until everyone is safe, and Britt says her mother won’t stop either. She tells Anna of Liesl’s theory that Anna killed Fasion, and she won’t stop until the allegations are put to rest. Britt wants to know if there is any truth to her suspicions?

Anna tells Britt she refused Faison, and after decades of harassment, she was able to turn the tables – when she is about to answer Britt’s question, Liesl bursts in – she thinks he knows where they are!

Maxie and Nathan’s feelings
Maxie blames herself, but Nathan says it isn’t her fault, Levi was a con man. She says she was too stubborn and insecure to listen to him, and offers to trade her life for his! She asks if he will ever be able to forgive her?? Nathan says there is nothing to forgive as it was all Levi’s fault.. he got her head all messed up so “you don’t think you’re perfect, just the way you are”. He hated seeing what Levi was doing to her, and she says she should have listened to her heart and NOT gone through with the wedding. And tells Nathan she didn’t want to go through with it because of HIM.

Victor send the DNA out for comparison.

Spencer says the person responsible for the car accident would hurt Emma for real if he told anyone – it was Luke Spencer!

Dante tells Lulu that Luke is a person of interest, but when he about to tell her why, the door opens.. “oh my god”.This Week Spoilers
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