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Jake and Sam on the ELQ case! [SPOILER]

Nikolas may have finally won control of ELQ from Michael, but he should never count out a Quatermaine who was raised as a Corinthos!

Michael has not one, but two weapons on his side – the clever cunning of former mob enforcer Jake/Jason and Sam, the super sleuth.

It’s no wonder Nikolas wants to keep Jason as far away from the Quartermaines as possible, given that it might trigger a memory of who he actually is, but he may also be underestimating Jason’s never-say-die loyalty.

Next week, Jake tells Michael he’s there for him, and will do everything he can to help him regain control of his grandfather’s company.

And it’s no surprise that Sam – his former partner (in crime and marriage) – also wants to help with the ELQ situation.

Michael would do well to put this power couple on the case!

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