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Josslyn Emma GH August 4

Josslyn Jacks vs Emma Drake – a Carly and Robin reboot?

Have you noticed the adorable little Jossyln Jacks has become a carbon copy of mom Carly? The scene between Josslyn and Emma today totally reminded me of the early days of Carly and Robin!

While admiring Cameron’s origami techniques today, Emma blames herself for Spencer’s recent disappearance, obviously unaware that he has been hiding out at Josslyn’s, who he considers a “valuable ally”.  Joss accuses her of being a self-centered princess, and when Emma flounces off and returns with Liz, she gets even more from Joss – “you’re not only a self-centered princess, you’re a tattle-tale on top of it”. In the meantime, Joss has shared Spencer’s whereabouts with Cam, which doesn’t bode well for Britt, who has been in cahoots with Spencer all along.

But just like her Mom, Joss justifies her own opinion in style.. “just because I don’t agree with everything Emma says, it doesn’t make me mean. I happen to think it makes me honest”.

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