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Julian Jerome is back in business on General Hospital [Spoiler]

After a brief stint in Pentonville due to a false confession, it’s pretty clear that Julian Jerome has got his mojo back! Not only did he win Alexis back from Ned (or Ted, as he calls him) after their disastrous Valentine’s Day dinner, today he put the black turtleneck back on and started to rebuild his business.

Before popping into Kellys to talk to Kiki and Morgan about the memorial service for Ava, he was pretty clear over the phone that he will be rebuilding his business, and not handing it over to Duke Lavery. Port Charles will remain his territory.

He reached a strange (but entertaining!) truce with Sonny while they were Pentonville, and now that he found out that Michael wants custody of his niece, it should be interesting to see who he sides with. He understands the dangers involved in Sonny’s life, but the two mobsters shared a bond over their children. Protecting their kids was the reason they made the prison break in the first place!

Julian has his work cut out for him – he will be facing a familiar adversary, find time to issue a stern warning, get noticed by Shawn and even plan a big move.

A busy time for the Man in Black! And I can’t wait…

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