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Ned and Olivia’s lie is exposed [Spoiler]

Get ready for a fun-filled and exciting Nurse’s Ball this year – we know Lucy will end up in her underwear at some point (gotta love tradition and the delightful Lynn Herring as the hostess with the mostess), but there are other surprises in store.

Already covered here, Nathan accompanies Spinelli’s heartbroken ex Ellie to the event, and that could be a catalyst to getting the right couples back together.. but not everything will be rainbows and unicorns.

Ned has finally declared his love for Olivia – a magic moment, indeed – but with Wally Kurth moving to ‘Days Of Our Lives’ full-time, and Lisa Locicero about to start her maternity leave, this couple will be leaving in May.

As for their secret, much to her surprise, Sam discovers the truth that her own father Julian is the baby-daddy, and is conflicted about what to do. Sam has just found her own happiness and has never been a busy-body (can you imagine what Carly would do with the information??), but this is pretty big news.

In addition to song and dance, this story will come to a head at the Nurse’s Ball in usual dramatic fashion!

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