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I Spy: Did Alice just blow Jordan Ashford’s undercover operation?

No one is happier to have the “real” Luke back than Alice, and while bringing him breakfast she tells him she actually had her suspicions about the “other” Luke. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Fluke starts to grill her – exactly what was different about him? Alice mentions a coldness, when Fluke snaps at her – why didn’t she try to help..? He starts to close in on her, but when she mentions her heart transplant, he immediately backs off.

Alice, in all her innocence, proceeds to tell him her she has a criminal heart… it actually belonged to a gangster who was killed by an FBI lady! It’s a little surprising that Alice was privvy to the details of Mickey’s death, as the recipient of a donor organ.

But more important, has Alice just blown Jordan’s undercover operation as SHE is that FBI lady – remember, Jordan took the blame for shooting Mickey, when it was actually Julian Jerome!

Fluke just smiles and tells her he missed her.. “Luke Spencer is back”..

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