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I Spy: Fluke is Faison.. or is he? The real Luke is still missing!

On today’s show, Anna pulled the mask off Fluke only to reveal it was Cesar Faison! She gave him a well-deserved slap, and after his claims of torture at the hands of Anna were ignored, he was dragged off to the PCPD by Dante.

When Dante gave Lulu the news over the phone that Faison was the man behind the mask, Luke was understandably furious, wanting to kill him.. after all, this was just another way for Cesar to come after his family. But Lulu calmed him down, and asked him to let the police do their job.. for Rocco’s sake.

But things take yet another twist in the “where is the real Luke Spencer” story when Faison asks for his phone call at the station. He calls Luke, who picks up a phone that has been hidden in the fireplace at the Quartermaine Mansion!

According to Cesar, everything has worked like a charm on HIS end, and “Luke” says not one of these idiots is ANY the wiser!

Let’s keep in mind that Julian Jerome knew a guy who looked like Luke.. so the Luke inside the Quartermaine mansion could still be Fluke.. and Cesar only put on the mask to fool everyone into thinking it was HIM! This means the very real Luke Spencer is still missing..

What a fantastic return for Anthony Geary.. you gotta’ love three Lukes at once!

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