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I Spy: Goodbye Britt, hello Elizabeth?

After Britt confessed to Nikolas that she was involved in Spencer’s disappearance during the summer, not only did he kick her out of the house and tell her they are finally over, he told her to get a lawyer as he is planning to prosecute! Devastated, she shared the news with her Mutter, Liesl.. who has news of her own to share! Cesar has finally realized he loves her, not Anna, and they are going to be reunited and run away together. She invites Britt to come with them, so they can finally be a family.

However, since finding out Nathan was shot by Helena’s “Soldier” (Robot Jake), Liesl has made the tough decision to stay behind in Port Charles, sending Britt away with her immortal beloved Faison. And now that Britt has left town, does that mean there is a future for Nikolas and Elizabeth?

This is going to be a busy period for Liz – not only is Jake/Jason staying under her roof, Sam is going to be investigating her own theories about the mystery man. And now that Anna has told Alexis that Ric is alive (but in the witness protection program), how will this news impact her..? He was innocent all along – and since Ric is no longer believed to be Julian’s boss, does that mean it is safe for him to return to Port Charles..? He has often said Elizabeth was the first person he ever loved, and they had finally reunited before Anna faked his death.

As for Nikolas, he went straight to Elizabeth to tell her about Britt’s betrayal. She gave him a tongue-in-cheek “I told you so”, but he became immediately concerned for her safety when she told him Helena had stopped by the house! He is also worried about this mysterious Jake – how does she know he isn’t a serial killer? Although he tells her that her big heart is one of the reasons why he loves her! It’s nice to see the love is still there… although she didn’t really react.

With Helena swirling around, this might be a good time for him to focus on being a dad to Spencer – Britt did a number on his little family, and while Spencer believes he deserves a mother, Nik should wait for the right woman to come along. The question is.. could that be Liz?

There are rumours swirling that Sarah Webber will be coming back to town – Elizabeth’s big sister, and a former flame of Nikolas before he fell in love with Emily Quartermaine.

Will lost loves actually be new loves … or will Nikolas and Liz finally find that perfect timing that has eluded them for so many years?

It might be time…

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