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I Spy: What happened to Christmas in Port Charles.. and time travel?

After a tearful reunion with her lost love Ric and that heartfelt kiss, Liz is back at work telling Epiphany all about the Christmas holidays they spent together. Apparently she has seen him every day since.. they have been ice skating, to the zoo, he brought Molly over and they even cooked dinner together! In the meantime, if you’re wondering where Jake was during this blissful time, he hasn’t been around.. apparently he got a job shoveling snow! Yes, snow.. it appears there may have been a blizzard or two since Christmas Eve.

No, you didn’t miss any of the above…  it seems a lot goes on in Port Charles when we aren’t looking!

And how about Maxie and Nathan, desperate to see each other on New Year’s Eve for that long-anticipated second date? They were both crushed at the news her flight from Portland had been cancelled due to fog… but somehow in the blink of an eye, Nathan arrives on Spinelli’s doorstep.. “I found a way to get to her”.. and Maxie makes HER grand entrance back in Port Charles.. “surprise, I’m home!”.

As a reminder, Spinelli and Ellie moved to Portland, Oregon – a five hour direct flight from New York City (with a three hour time difference!). How on earth did they both make it if there was fog.. and on New Year’s Eve? It would make more sense if she was in Portland, Maine…

Between Jake’s snow shoveling job, Maxie and Nathan’s miracle flights and the lost Christmas week, there’s no point questioning it – let’s just pour ourselves a nice Christmas drink.. we have a very long New Year’s Eve to look forward to in Port Charles!

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