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I Spy: Who is Ivy on General Hospital? A few theories..

At the Metro Court New Year’s Eve party, Duke thought Agent Sloane was Anna’s date for the evening, but he was actually waiting for his own date to arrive – a girl named Ivy, who he met at the gym. Imagine his surprise (and ours!) when she arrived on the arm of one Prince Nikolas Cassadine. She then informed Sloane that she had just met Nik in the lobby and would prefer to spend the evening getting to know him, instead of Sloane (ouch!).

It’s too soon to tell if Ivy is a gold digger – it’s possible she doesn’t even know who Nikolas actually is!

Here are some fun GHSpy theories about Ivy:

– She is simply a gold digger who trades up an FBI Agent for a Prince on New Year’s Eve.
– Ivy has been paid by Helena to get close to Nikolas and spy on him..
– She is a (temporary) new addition to Port Charles and will involve Nikolas in a scandal…
– Port Charles just needed more women – Elizabeth and Sam have had all the single men at their feet! Nikolas, Ric, Patrick, Silas, Jake/Jason…

It will be interesting to see what happens in 2015 – Nikolas is still smarting from the whole Britt incident – finding out she was involved in Spencer’s disappearance – and distracted by Helena, so it’s probably too soon to give away his heart again.

But did anyone else notice she looks just like his old flame, Emily Quartermaine??

I’m just sayin’…

Actress Kelly Frye has been cast as Ivy, which is a recurring role.

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