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I Spy: Patrick still cares about Sam, but does she feel the same?

Sam was furious with Patrick when he confessed he knew that Jason was alive after being shot and kicked into the water. And she was absolutely distraught with the knowledge that Jason may have been alive at Miscavige when she went there with Silas to check out Nina’s story. She cried that she could have held his hand one more time and told him Danny was his son.

Patrick admitted he had no right to hold back the information from her, but he was also protecting Robin.. who is the mother of HIS child!

Let’s get this straight – Jason being in Miscavige, and Robin not being able to save him, was not Patrick’s fault. And Carly completely understood that when he told her the news…

After the harrowing hostage situation outside the PCPD that saw Faison escape, Sam is determined to hunt down the armed and masked man.. after all, he works for Cesar Faison, the man who shot Jason.

In the meantime, Patrick has just told her that he is not going to stop caring about her just because she is upset with him. Hopefully Sam isn’t too distracted by her new obsession – the handsome Dr Drake is one of Port Charles’ most eligible bachelors! Tall, dark and handsome, he’s a single dad who adores his daughter and has long since put his womanizing ways behind him. What’s not to love??

The chemistry between the two of them can’t be denied.. Jason might still be alive, but he has not returned as the same man (literally and figuratively speaking!). I just hope Sam realizes she has a good guy right in front of her before it’s too late and he finds someone else.

Rumour has it Sarah Webber might be coming back to town.. didn’t she always have a thing for tall, dark and handsome?

And once Jason’s true identity is revealed, it doesn’t seem likely things will go back to the way they were for him and Sam.. there’s more and more water under that bridge.

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