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I Spy: Sonny & Julian – the Pentonville Prison Boys (SPOILER)

Sonny Corinthos is locked up in Pentonville for pleading guilty to the murder of A.J. Quartermaine, and Julian Jerome confessed to killing Anthony Zacchara to avoid the hit put on him by Bill Eckert, posing as Luke Spencer. But these two long-time rivals have become an unexpected, and quite hilarious, couple of pals in prison that I like to call the Pentonville Prison Boys.

Sonny first came to Julian’s rescue when Johnny’s gang tried to finish the hit on him, and they have hung out ever since.. in between the bickering and insults, that is. They are also physically unstoppable as they continue to handily take on every prison thug sent to attack them.

Julian to Sonny: “I am all for loyalty, but seriously.. Shawn..?”
Sonny to Julian, who hovers while he’s on the phone to Shawn: “Can I finish the damn call?”

It’s been a while since Sonny has worked with more than a “Yes Man” and Julian has more than held his own over the years. So it makes sense that a new alliance will be formed – and stay tuned as Julian will bring sister Ava into the fold! Something that would have been hard to imagine six months ago.

As the old saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

With an alliance definitely in the making, let’s hope we see the banter and humor continue between the Pentonville Prison Boys.. Maurice Benard and William deVry definitely bring out the best in each other!

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