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I Spy: Port Charles passion – Jason, Sam, Patrick, Elizabeth… and (SPOILER)

New Year’s Eve in Port Charles was ALL about passion… Ric and Liz rekindled their love affair, Sam and Patrick almost started 2015 in bed at Patrick’s place (interrupted by their kids!) and Carly planted a friendly kiss on Jake.

There is passion, but also confusion. Where does this leave poor Jake/Jason? Unbeknownst to everyone, he has returned from the dead, while Sam, the love of his life, has just embarked on a new romance with Patrick. He almost shared a Christmas kiss with another past love, Elizabeth, and his first love Robin is being held by Helena.

Robin was an important part of Jason’s life before Carly – if she returns from (supposedly) Paris, will it trigger old feelings.. or will his life with Sam be what he wants? Right now, this version of Jake definitely seems to have fallen for the unlucky-in-love Liz!

Sam and Patrick are getting close, but it’s hard to imagine Sam will want to be with anyone else when she finds out Jason is alive, even if he IS the masked man who accosted her.

Spoiler: Robin will be coming back soon – on December 15th, Kimberley McCullugh tweeted “Guess where I was today? Hint: I got to meet the talented, super handsome #BillyMiller #GH”. Her appearance could mean closure for Patrick, but she may also help Jason get his memory back. And Patrick still doesn’t know she was on her way home to him and Emma before she was re-captured by Helena.

The news that Jason is alive likely means the end of Sam and Patrick at first, but this new version of Jake/Jason has real on-screen chemistry with Elizabeth.

And Patrick may still have feelings for Robin once he hears the truth.

Confusing..? Yes indeed… but 2015 should be a very interesting year in Port Charles!

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