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I Spy: Undercover Jordan – is she safe? (SPOILER)

It didn’t take Carlos long to rat out Jordan’s involvement in Ric’s rescue to Julian (and Fluke!) – he told them she’s a traitor, now working with Sonny’s enforcer.  And now that Fluke has ordered Julian to eliminate her.. just how safe IS this operation?

Anna talked her into going back undercover and in no time at all, she found out where Ric was hiding and helped him go free…. in a few days, just as Anna predicted! That is one efficient Agent…

And since finding Ric was the only reason Anna wanted her back on the inside, now that he has reunited with Molly, does this mean she can finally resume a normal life and tell TJ the truth.?

Not so fast, this isn’t the last we have seen on Undercover Jordan.. Anna wants her to do one more thing.. it’s something she doesn’t want to do at all.. and it will definitely put her in danger before 2014 comes to an end!

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