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I SPY – Wednesday September 10, 2014 – the return of Stavros Cassadine!

Stavros Cassadine makes a very dramatic return to Port Charles when he surprises Dante and Lulu while they are chained to the wall in a room in Chrichton Clark (thanks to Victor). And to make matters worse, he announces that he and Lulu (his Ice Princess) can be together at last.. and start a family.

It doesn’t matter that Lulu thinks she can no longer have children, thanks to him, Stavros produces a frozen embryo to show them – yes, he actually fertilized one of her eggs himself.

Given Nina Clay’s burning desire to have a baby, perhaps she should hire Stavros to help her out..  he is very resourceful in the baby department! The two would have lots to talk about..

Stavros Cassadine GH

And what a treat to have Robert Kelker-Kelly back in the role of Stavros – he is deliciously crazy!This Week Spoilers
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