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General Hospital on 12/8/2014 – Faison escapes, Nathan is shot, Britt says goodbye, Sonny is beat up, Mutter stays!

At Kelly’s, Lulu joins Maxie, who is poring over books – the girls chat about Nathan… worried that he and Dante are taking Faison to Pentonville. Maxie is actually working on her testimony to prove she is a good parent. Lulu tells her that Nathan has been suffering without her, and not to lose hope.. everything will work out fine.

Johnny approaches Sonny!
At Pentonville, Johnny approaches Sonny.. he respects what he did for Carly. He knew he was in Sonny’s shadow with both her and Connie. Sonny tells him not to mention her name – he used her to get to him! Johnny tells him they became friends, didn’t deserve what Ava did to her. He is sorry and the two shake hands… when Coleman approaches.. “isn’t this romantic?”. The boss wants them to give him an extra-special welcome. The boss is Johnny!

Patrick tells Carly the truth
Carly is sitting at the bar at the Floating Rib, when Patrick sits down beside her and orders a double. She asks if it’s about Robin? Nope, it’s Sam. He tells her they were becoming close but Sam shut it down because he lied about Jason. He tells her Jason wasn’t dead when he was kicked into the harbor. She is angry at herself for bailing.. and upset that Robin couldn’t save him. What she wouldn’t give to see his face again! Carly understands why he didn’t tell anyone.. it was to protect Robin. He tells her maybe Sam was right that it wasn’t his place to keep it from her.. Carly tells Patrick he and Sam understand each other. She tells him not to give up.. he asks just like she is not going to give up on Sonny?

Faison escapes!
Sam is grabbed from behind and dragged out of the station, held just out of sight where Faison is being loaded into the van to Pentonville. Anna supervises the transfer, and asks Nathan if he has heard from Liesl, surprised she isn’t there. Just then, shots ring out and the masked man drags Sam behind the van. He tells them to do what he says or the next bullet is hers! They ask what he wants.. Sam yells at them not to give in. They tell him to let go out of the hostage – a shot rings out, Nathan falls back, hit in shoulder! He demands the keys to the van, then drives away while the police continue to shoot.. Anna has Sam put pressure on Nathan’s shoulder, while she wants the van found.

At Elizabeth’s house, Nik calls for protection against Helena, and wonders why she would have talked to Jake? He asks Liz what she is doing, allowing a complete stranger to stay with her?? He knows she has a huge heart, it’s why he loves her.. but what if he is a homicidal maniac? She insists she knows what she’s doing – and he’s one to talk as he put his faith in Britt again, and was taken in a second time. He leaves to return back to the island..

Britt says goodbye
On the docks with Liesl, Britt tells Helena she isn’t together with Nik anymore as she betrayed him; it’s time for her to leave town. Helena is angry her scheme involved Spencer… when Spencer himself appears on the docks with a bag packed!! Since Nikolas refused to take her back, he has fled the island and wants to stay with her. Britt tells him she doesn’t live with Brad anymore, he replies he will join the merchant marines.. see the world.. “over my dead body” says Helena. Spencer tells her to butt out… “who’s this broad?”.. Liesl tells her she is his great-grandmother.. she chides his manners and tells him to stand up straight, he is her heir! He won’t be leaving town. Britt says he has to go back to Windermere. Family belongs together, he needs to make up with his dad as she is going away. She loves him, and will miss him and his excellent taste in jewelry! She gives him back the engagement ring and tells him to give it to some lucky girl one day, and to be happy. She promises to come back one day and they hug..

Faison arrives at the docks with the masked man.. Helena says she has other uses for him and removes the mask when they’re out of sight. It’s robot Jake.. she tells him to go back to Elizabeth’s, pretend he was looking for a job the whole day and he will remember nothing.

Faison tells Britt and Liesl that Helena’s soldier shot Nathan… but it wasn’t a kill shot!

Patrick tells Carly that she and Sonny are never over – somehow she will figure it out. She reminds him that he and Sam stand a chance at making it work..

Johnny informs Sonny he set up his own crew… no one can think he’s weak, and they start roughing Sonny up until he is beaten and bloody on the ground. “Welcome to the rest of your life”.

Lulu arrives and sees Nathan on the ground! Maxie will kill him if he isn’t fine.. Maxie writes out her statement and looks at her phone, hoping for a text from Nathan.

Liesl tells Britt to go with her father or she will prosecuted. Nathan won’t be alone, he will have “Mutter”. She can’t leave Nathan… her son needs her. She has waited this long for Cesar, she can wait longer.

Dante and Anna rush off to the docks as Faison has been spotted!

Liesl tearfully tells Britt she loves her… she wasn’t the best mother, but she was always on her mind. And always will be. She tells Faison to take care of their daughter. He thanks her for never giving up on them. The family holds hands, then Obrecht walks them away.. “Auf Wiedersehen”

Jake returns home, and Liz asks how the job search went?

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