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General Hospital on 2/24/2015 – Spencer’s birthday fire, Ric questions Liz, Sam & Jake, Olivia’s baby daddy!

Wearing only Julian’s shirt, Alexis tells him she’s thinking about Ned – she adores Julian, but she can’t stop thinking about the baby Ned is having with Olivia. She isn’t in a position to judge, but something doesn’t seem right about the night he said it happened. Plus it’s too similar to what happened when she was pregnant with Christina. Julian doesn’t think he would try the same story twice, he chooses to believe Olivia. But if he were having a baby, he would want to know! She asks how he would feel about becoming a father again, and he admits he missed out when his own kids were born.. and all the milestones. He wished he could have been their father. Alexis regrets not being there for Sam, but she can be there now.. and Julian can experience the milestones with Danny. She calls him grandpa, teases him and they get passionate again.

Olivia and Ned bond
At Kellys, Olivia happily digs into a slice of pie with Ned… then asks what the hell he was thinking claiming her baby was his?? She’s worried Julian will find out, but Ned says he won’t.. while Liv doesn’t think Alexis bought their story. Ned reminds her she’s a lawyer, but won’t look into it any further… why would she want to upset the apple cart now that she’s with Julian? Olivia is worried Ned has to live with this lie.. is he up for that? He replies that he wants to stand by her, and will see it through in what ever way works for her.

Ric has a question for Liz
Liz comes home, and is greeted by Ric who used his key! Lucas is bringing Cam home later, and he wants to talk.. about Jake. He apologizes to her about the legal advice he gave him, but is convinced a jury wouldn’t buy his story. Liz insists he should have told her he couldn’t defend him, but Ric points out he is still dangerous! She informs him Patrick removed the implant, but he argues they don’t know what purpose the device even had.. even though this isn’t what she wants to hear. She angrily points out wanted he Jake out of the way, but not because he’s guilty.. “you’re dam right I did!”. He admits he crossed the line, and was threatened.. his love for her kept him going through everything. He made a mistake, and will never do it again… but does she actually have feelings for Jake? They need to deal with this if they want to move forward.. he wants the truth.. Before she can answer, Cam arrives home from the birthday party. He tells them he and Emma broke up – he found out Josslyn loves him, so he’s with her now. She sends him to bed.. and tells Ric she’s tired and going to bed as well. He takes that as his cue to leave – he loves her and wants this to work out, but noticed she didn’t answer his question about her feelings for Jake!

Jake and Sam chat
In the hospital, Sam watches Jake wake up.. he asks if everything is ok. She insists it can wait, but he tells her he’s feeling good. She decides to ask what he meant about there “only being one ring” before he went into surgery, but he can’t remember. She sits down and he shares his worry that he will never remember anything again, Sam offers to ask her cousin Nikolas to get Helena to tell them more. Nik is the only good Cassadine, and he would help. Jake wonders why Sam is offering to help HIM? She points out Carly was right that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, and they were wondering if he left anyone behind? It was tough for her to finally accept Jason was gone… she wants to help him figure out who he is, for the woman he might have left behind.

Nikolas asks about Jake
While Nik examines Jason’s wedding run, Patrick arrives at Wyndermere to pick up Emma and hears that Cam left with Josslyn. Emma has made Spencer very happy, and Nik points out that he raised a gentleman. Nik asks about Jake Doe and hears the device was removed, but Patrick isn’t sure what that means going forward.. He isn’t sure he was a victim, as he still has a violent skill set, but still has no idea who he is – the flashback he had before surgery is gone. Patrick wonders why so many questions, Nik reminds him he once lost his memory.. and asks if he might remember again? Patrick just doesn’t know, and goes to pick up Emma.

Birthday fire!
Spencer and Emma happily dance while the fire burns.. he asks her if she’s ok after the incident with Cameron, he says some things just weren’t meant to be.. and some things were, when Emma smells smoke. They turn around, trapped by a wall of fire! They run to safety, but Spencer doubles back for the boxing robe he got from Uncle Sonny.. the light fixture falls, trapping him again! Emma runs for help..

Emma runs in, yelling at Nik and Patrick to help Spencer as the living room’s on fire – Patrick calls the fire department, while Emma is freaking out, and they are told to leave the house immediately.

Nik runs into the room, yelling for Spencer, who is passed out on the floor. Patrick give him his jacket for protection, as he dashes into the living room.. he kneels next to Spencer when a beam comes crashing down!

Julian tells Alexis they have a perfectly family – it’s just as well her baby turned out to be Ned’s.. he hugs her, but she doesn’t look convinced.

Olivia thanks Ned.. they’re in this together.

Cam offers Liz some candy from his loot bag and tells her relationships are hard.

Jake thanks Sam for offering to talk to Nikolas, she tells him to get some rest, wishes him good night and leaves.

Nikolas scoops up an unconscious Spencer, Patrick helps him out of the room with the fire extinguisher and they place Spencer on the ground. Patrick attends to him while Nik asks if he is still alive??

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