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General Hospital on 3/16/2015 – Mob hits, Sonny’s anger, Anna’s determination, Ric vs Carly!

At the hospital, Liz tells Patrick she broke up with Ric.. she has feelings for Jake! Ric pulled the stunt with Jake, which made her realize maybe he hasn’t changed, and Jake’s surgery brought them closer together again. Patrick asks if she’s going to pursue a relationship with him? She admits they left it unsettled, but maybe they have a chance? Patrick tells her to be careful.. he removed Helena’s device, but Jake is now working for Julian. Liz tells him Carly interrupted her when they were talking, and supports him working for Julian. Patrick tells Liz he hopes he gets what she wants when Sam arrives to see him – her father agreed to give Jake a job.

Duke’s orders
Jordan wants to know why Duke wants HER to kill Julian… he tells her she was high-ranking in his organization, which makes her the perfect person for the job. He asks if he can count on her.. she says no, you can’t. Killing Julian would be a declaration of war, but he reminds her HE is running the organization. He and Sonny are prepared for any consequences. She asks him if they also talked about whether or not she’s a mole for the cops?? She thinks he is testing her, but he asks if she has a problem taking out Julian Jerome? Jordan agrees to kill him.

Anna’s determination
Nathan arrives at Anna’s place, she is concerned about Jordan’s safety and tells him that Sloane has an informant of his own. She also informs him that Jordan thinks her cover has been blown… Nathan wonders if Duke would retaliate against Jordan, maybe she should pull her out? Anna doesn’t think she would go into witness protection, and they can’t lose her progress. Nathan asks if this is about Duke choosing the mob over her?

Ric’s suspicions
At the Metro Court, Ric complains to Carly about Jake… but she thinks he’s a great guy and accuses Ric of being paranoid. He surprises hrt with the news that Liz has indeed dumped him as she has feelings for Ric. Carly wants to celebrate, but he points that Jake being with Liz would really bother her. Carly claims she doesn’t care, but flashes back to her warning Jake. She reminds Ric they are JUST friends, and asks why he thinks otherwise.. he tells her it was Sonny. Ric laughs when she says Sonny is okay with Jake.. she hates that Michael stole Avery, but loves seeing him kick Ric’s ass. Sonny needs her, so he can’t make any trouble between them. He is just angry that Elizabeth dumped him, it has nothing to do with Jake. Ric tells Carly that Elizabeth’s infatuation with Jake will pass, but Carly warns him she will shut him down if he tries to get rid of Jake again.

Sonny’s anger
Sonny asks Jake what the hell he’s doing in Sonny’s house? Jake thanks Sonny for saving everyone at the Haunted Star.. extends his hand and asks him to accept his apology. Sonny reminds him he assaulted Sam, her husband was like a brother to him, and that offended him. He claims he wasn’t in his right mind, but what about when he moved in on Carly?? Jake tells him she was just upset that evening, plus there is someone else he wanted to be with, Elizabeth. Jake asks if he’s telling him to stay away from Carly? Sonny explains that she can see who ever she wants – if she trusts him and it turns out to be a mistake, then he will have to answer to him. Jake tells him he won’t have to depend on Carly as he just got a job with Julian Jerome! Sonny tells Jake that working for Julian has made things personal.

Sam’s feelings
Sam tells Julian she is with Patrick, and has no feelings towards Jake… she just knows what it’s like to need help. As for Patrick, she never dreamed she could feel for another man what she felt for Jason. They were so good together, and Danny will know who his father was. She jokes about how much he would have hated Julian, as an enemy of Sonny – Julian reminisces they became close in Pentonville, but now it’s business as usual. He tells Sam he loves his family, and she has to take the good with the bad. She thanks him for his help and leaves.

Sabrina’s concern
Outside Kellys, Sabrina sees Carlos lurking and wants to know what he’s doing? He talks about his upcoming trial.. his case depends on her. His lawyers are going to ask her about what he told her.. will she tell the police he confessed to killing Ava? It’s all hearsay, which isn’t admissible in court, and he has worked everything out with Julian, so that won’t be a problem. He may go free, but says it means nothing if she isn’t in his life. She tells him she has been hired as Avery’s nanny, and has to go as Michael needs her. She worries about him, but he hopes her job won’t put her on the wrong side of Sonny Corinthos!

Nathan tells Anna she could get Jordan killed, and this isn’t her. She breaks down.. she almost got her operative killed.. how could she let Duke do this to her? Nathan thinks it’s time to get her out.

Patrick and Liz wonder why Carly is supporting Jake working for Julian.. which will pit him against Sonny?

Jordan arrives at Anna’s and gives her the news about Duke.

Julian tells Carlos to follow Duke.. if he has the chance to eliminate him, he should take it.

Ric stares at a photo of Liz.. he needs to get Jake out of the way.

Patrick points out to Sam that Jake working for Julian will cause trouble for Carly and Sonny.

Sonny tells Jake he knows a professional when he sees one – Julian is his worst enemy, which makes Jake his enemy!

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