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General Hospital on 5/14/2015 – Duke’s funeral service, Liz is determined to keep Jason & more!

Sonny’s doorbell rings.. it’s Duke! Carly hugs him.. he says his plan worked… it was a ruse to get their enemies off their back. Sonny suddenly wakes up – it was just a dream! He tells her Julian swears someone in his crew went rogue – Sonny has decided to give him a chance, hand over the shooter or he dies. Carly consoles him for his loss.

Liz and Nik conspire
At Wyndermere, Liz is furious with Nikolas that Hayden is now living with him.. why?? He explains he lied to Lulu about wanting to be with Hayden because she knows Jake is really Jason – she overheard them at the Nurse’s Ball. He had to let her move in, Liz says it’s gone from bad to worse.. she is pretty sure Jason/Jake went back to the Metro Court and killed Duke Lavery. She isn’t sure if he killed him or not, but he’s following the same pattern as before, as he tried to push her away to keep her safe. She tells him she wasn’t going to let him go this time! He tells her she should listen, but she refuses to let a mob war get in their way – she insists they can handle Hayden. They need to figure out a way to keep her quiet!

Julian questions Jake
At the garage, Jake leaves a message for Liz.. things are about to get messy when Julian arrives, and they talk about the night of Duke’s shooting. He knows Jake was picked up, what exactly did he tell the police? HE says the police eventually let him go as he couldn’t tell them anything – he can’t flip on Julian because he doesn’t know anything. Julian is surprised the cops let him go.. Jake insists they had nothing to keep him, no evidence. He wonders if Carlos will flip on him – plus if the cops keep investigating him, Carlos will stay under the radar, and they won’t find anything, which is good for Julian. Julian wonders why he would do this? Jake doesn’t care if Carlos goes to prison, but wants to repay Julian for what he did to him – Julian warns him about Sonny, and offers him protection, Sam will have his head if anything happens to him.

Sam’s memories
Sam and Emma get ready for the service for Uncle Duke, Patrick tells her it’s going to be a tough day for Grandma. Sam promises it gets easier, and explains how the person who died wouldn’t want you to stop living. Patrick tells her he won’t be coming back like her mommy – he was with him when he passed away. Sam tells the two of them she will catch up with them shortly, he reminds her she has a box in the closet that hasn’t unpacked.

Sam looks through a box and finds the canister with the wedding rings – she flashes back to Nik explaining Helena acquired it at Chricton Clark. She puts the canister away and closes the box.

Duke’s funeral
Sloane arrives at the church for Duke’s service and tells Anna that Carlos was his killer, and gives her Bruce’s cel phone. She plays Duke’s message where he changed his mind and cancelled the hit on Jordan. He tried the stop the violence for her. She tearfully says they almost made it.

Mac and Felicia arrive at the service, followed by Lucy, who expresses her sympathy.. she was so very fond of Duke. She wants Anna to know the truth – Duke never stopped loving her, and she brought them together for the dance at the Nurse’s Ball. Anna tells her they had planned to go away together, and thanks Lucy… giving her a big hug.

Lulu, Dante and Maxie and Nathan arrive at the service – Dante hugs her, and Nathan tells her they released Jake Doe yesterday. The girls express their condolences, and Maxie reminds her that Duke will always be with her. Emma arrives and says they are here for her too! Anna tells Patrick she is lucky to have had another chance with him, and asks if he has been in touch with Robin, as she loved Duke. Emma gives her a photo of Duke and cries…

Jordan, Shawn and TJ arrive at the church to express their condolences to Anna, who is surprised to hear Duke is paying his tuition. Sonny is next to arrive… Anna tell him Duke would still be alive if it wasn’t for him! Sonny says his death won’t go unpunished – Duke will get justice, but Anna tells him SHE will see to it that he gets justice.

At the church, Carly leaves a message for Jake – he needs to be careful!

The priest starts the service for Duke as ‘Amazing Grace’ plays in the background on bagpipes. Emma sits between Patrick and Sam, Maxie puts her head on Nathan’s shoulder, and Sloane watches Anna from the entrance.

After the funeral, Julian arrives at Sonny’s for the meeting – he’s ready to hand over Duke’s killer to him!

Jake calls Sloane, he convinced Julian he’s wiling to continue to be the prime suspect in Duke’s murder, Sloane says a lot of people are looking for Carlos.. including Anna.

Anna flashes back to treasured moments with Duke.. from their first meeting, their first kiss, passionate tango, and their wedding… she remembers him telling her he will always love her! She remembers his return to Port Charles, their ups and downs and final moments. All he ever wanted was to make her happy. She cries alone in the church…

Liz tells Nikolas she isn’t going to let some two-bit con woman destroy her happiness with Jason.. Hayden walks in.. “what are you going to do about it??”.

Sam arrives at the garage to see Jake!

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