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General Hospital on 6/2/2015 – Anna has regrets, Denise carries on, Luke proposes, Michael and Morgan agree to a ceasefire.

Anna wakes up after a night of passion with Sloane, upset at herself for letting it happen. She blames the alcohol, and wishes she could take it all back but Sloane admits he has had feelings for her for a while. He thought she might care about him too. She refuses to listen to any explanation, she can’t look at him, let alone herself.. and demands that he leave!

Luke does his best to explain his current state of mind to Lulu and Tracy, and will do his best to make amends to everyone he has hurt. He tells a stunned Tracy just how much she means to him and offers her a diamond ring.. and asks her to marry him. Before she can give him an answer, Dillon walks through the door! And tells her not to accept the ring.

Kiki catches Silas up on everything he has missed – she is back together with Morgan, Olivia had Julian’s baby, but he didn’t make it, and her mother’s long lost twin sister Denise has appeared in town! Silas is shocked, flashing back to Ava’s last moments… or so it seemed.

Mayor Lomax offers Jordan the Commissioner job, and she accepts.

Morgan and Michael end up in the boxing ring, which finally gets them talking after a few rounds! They realize their old relationship is gone, but perhaps it’s time for truce. They shake hands on it.

At Julian’s, Denise seems to know a lot about the Jerome family, which makes him suspicious, but she insists she merely did her research. She continues to grill Julian and makes enquiries about Avery. She receives a call from her niece Kiki who invites her for lunch – the two agree to meet for dinner, when Silas appears at the door, furious.. Denise De Muccio, he asks?? He tells her to cut the crap, Ava.. he knows it’s her!

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