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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 12 – 16, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Charlotte is Lulu and Valentin’s daughter!
Carly and Sonny hope for a Christmas to honor Morgan.
Ava and Alexis bicker over Julian, while Alexis sneaks a drink.
Carly senses Jason knows something, but isn’t sure what.
Maxie wants to throw Sam a baby shower.
A new danger lurks in the shadows…
Franco has Tom Baker exactly where he wants him.
Lulu is shocked by what she learns.
Finn has a breakthrough moment at home.
Elizabeth opens up to Griffin about her and Franco.
Nelle can’t resist warming up to Michael.
Maxie feels guilty about snooping and fesses up to Felicia.
The holiday season makes Carly want to do something nice.
Nina warns Valentin about Lulu’s interest in Charlotte.
Finn takes a major risk while trying to save Hayden!
Laura and Lulu share a mother-daughter moment.
Dante has real suspicions about Charlotte.
Anna has an unexpected flashback…
Elizabeth begs Franco to leave Tom alone!
Sam deliberately keeps Maxie in the dark…
Kiki is a pawn in Franco’s plan against Tom.
Jordan pays Julian a visit to share some information.
Sonny confesses what he’s done to Jason.