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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 14 – 18, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Nina hires Dillon to work for her at Crimson.
Jake tells Elizabeth it’s over!
Julian admits he’s planning to fold Crimson soon.
Johnny figures out where to hit Valerie where it hurts.
Patrick takes Emma to Paris to find Robin!
Dillon and Maxie remember Georgie on the anniversary of her death.
Despite Paul’s orders, Carlos isn’t going anywhere.
Patrick is shocked at what he finds…
Valerie has no time or patience for speeches from Maxie!
Laura gives Lulu some motherly advice, before it’s too late.
Kristina is back in town and she has something to hide.
Dante tries to connect with an angry Lulu.
Michael realizes he may need answers about Sabrina’s baby.
It’s glam time as the holiday fundraiser gala kicks off!
When she least expects it, Elizabeth hears some kind words.
It’s time for Jason to start living his real life…
Franco listens in while Carly angrily attacks Elizabeth!
Nina figures out a way to get Crimson in the news…
As a doctor, Monica’s has a closer look at Sabrina’s sonogram.
The truth is out, and Jason doesn’t hold anything back…
Patrick and Emma realize they could be wrong about Robin!
Robert Scorpio is on the case with Anna and Patrick.
Nikolas finally faces the music.