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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 15 – 19, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

The judge makes a decision in Maxie’s custody hearing – visitation is denied!
Jordan is at risk of being found out.
Change is ahead for Sonny and Julian as there’s a new mob in town.
Ava’s baby daddy is finally revealed.
Sonny is forced to make a deal or Ric will get hurt…
Olivia decides t share her feelings with Ned, but he is committed to Alexis.
Helena arrives at Wyndermere to threaten Nikolas!
Sam shares her suspicions about Jake with Dante.
Sabrina attempts to make peace with Ava, after what she did..
All Patrick wants is for Sam to forgive him!
Shawn and Duke decide to wage war on Sonny’s behalf.
Patrick gives an increasingly confused Jake some helpful advice.
Michael refuses to ease up on his anger towards Carly, Morgan and Kiki.
Nathan finds out why his dear “Mutter” stayed behind in Port Charles.
Franco promises Nina he isn’t going anywhere.
Jake decides to deal directly with Sam and her suspicions…
Julian finds out what the new mob has on Sonny..
Carly is spitting mad at Franco.
It’s time for Nina and Franco to face the music.
Elizabeth and Sam have a chat that includes a warning!
Shawn puts pressure on Jordan for more information on the Jeromes.

Updated December 17th.